Mexico City - 31 may 2013

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in a penthouse in the city center, dinner for celebrate the civil marriage of my brother in law (in Mexico there are marriages with legal value, and other religious). On the way to home, while viewing the nissan TIDA controls, and their opaque LCD screen lets me see time and the like, I was thinking about the “strong” problems waiting for the couple. For reasons of time, I did not see any of the co-workers of the groom, so in the roof garden I was with my wife and in-laws. On the family side of the bride saw some desire to succeed no matter what, and the groom's side, sure, but less momentum.

In Castaneda's books I never see it anywhere healthy ambition, and very little pessimistic fatalism. Usually no reason but fatalism. In my work for several reasons, for years I had to coexist with people aged 20 to 30 years, since I was 19. Usually all pushy and ambitious young people, of either sex, are characterized by not being fairly efficient or effective. Wannabes.

So usually in my companies when I hire or interview people, for the type of position usually come aged between 20 and 30. I begin to do these interviews around 1997, and people do not change. Many of them no thought/experience for the position applied. Sometimes I've seen consultants, usually women, willing to work hard but lose the target. Some willing to leave home, work like crazy, which in principle is not bad, but there is no strategy. They do not realize they could give up the safety net that gives your family and detachment that gives them be on projects, and simply be.

A few years ago, in an interview I was offered a job, and the IT Director said to me in an interview, you have the perfect profile and experience, but you're not ambitious. Luck.

There is a big difference between the wannabes and the economic independence. I am not of those who bring an iphone and use it 20 hours a day. I use the car when I NEED it. Economic independence for me begin when I have 20 years, have my own roof and able to go to the supermarket. Collecting power or try to do, the political struggles in the business does not interest me beyond the survival level.

However, in the Don Juan's Nagualism, describe people without ambition, but without personal or financial independence. Normally without purpose or reason. Nor are moral principles whatsoever. Nor do members of Castaneda's books want the ability to act independently. They have the momentum to overcome adverse situations, only fatalism.

In Mexico I have had contact for about twenty years with groups of dancers (clarified, not involved with them), and I have also seen corrupt ways by lack of endurance or ambition. None of Nagualism.

I have seen pseudo-religious groups or dangerous cults like the ones who spend years trying to access my personal property, but they all have the same problem. Ranging between fatalism and wannabes.

Over the years I have understood what the wise men told me. See the future. Fight the battles of the future.

I see the future of several of the people in the wedding. Of people in the company, and in customers companies I go. Only one in twenty has a future. I do not consider future success if a wannabe was allowed to buy iphones, or if the success forces to leave your home because they are tied to the basement, or do not go out because have no money to do your will.

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