The links below were collected by Ensonar around 2006, a former user of the site who have the site loaned. The owner of the site DONT endorse any of the links, workshop et al.

The links below were preserved by reference purposes, many of them are not serious, but can be a proof of WHAT IS NOT Nagualism.

Note: Dead links can show the depth in years of the intent of the writers of them .

Nagualism Links

Cleargreen Inc. / Carlos Castaneda's Magical Passes

Carlos Castaneda on Wikipedia

Nagual / Nagualism on Wikipedia

Magical Passes Descriptions

Tensegrity Pass Notes

Magical Passes Notes and Information

Second Attention

Nagualism and Alchemy

Four Winds Nagualism Page

Transcendental Nagualism

The Toltec Nagual

The Four Yogas on Nagualism

Quantum Shaman

Notes on Buddhist Yoga and Nagualism

Sustained Action

Navigators of Infinity


Myspace Nagualism Groups

Second Attention

Carlos Castaneda

The Path to Knowledge

Carlos Castaneda / Tensegrity

The Toltec Path

Spiritual Warrior


Shamanism Links

The Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies


I Am Shaman

Shamanism on Wikipedia

Dance of the Deer Foundation


Dreaming / Lucid Dreaming Links

The Lucidity Institute Inc.

Dream Views

Lucid Dreaming on Wikipedia

Foundations of Taoist Dream Practices