Mexico City - 26 april 2013

Many years ago Carlos Castaneda began receiving traditional knowledge of Don Juan Matus, a Yaqui Indian. The problem came years later, when became clear to many the true: Castaneda did not have the slightest idea of the Yaquis. For nearly 30 years, until his death in the late '90s, Castaneda followed a path of knowledge that left him exactly the same, with a few million dollars, several books, but just as real knowledge about at first. That is, very few.

Over the years, Don Juan Matus proven to be a person with few resources, both intellectual and knowledge of the history of Mexico. I have said elsewhere the reasons why I believe that Don Juan Matus did not exist, based on two factors, mainly on the ignorance of the history of the Yaqui and Mexico in general impossible situations including feedback and untraceable (haciendas, references to large contradictory Yaqui wars, etc.), and partly to Castaneda shows a lack of understanding of the methods of anthropology, with the exception of the text of "Appendix anthropological" part of his first book in a 30 years new edition.

The author of this site was born in 1972 and lived in the interior of Mexico, Guadalajara, for five years. In those five years I met two traditional practitioners (wise men In my future references to them) , Rafael Navarro and Andres Huerta. I learn and see a traditional way to try to contain REACTIVE problems caused by three types of people. A) Followers of Castaneda and DUI esoteric people B) Prehispanic wannabes C) Persons seeking profit irresponsible with tall tales, unable to work on something real this time.

In 1989, already aware of these two men (Mr Navarro and Mr Huerta ), at a meeting in the city of Cuernavaca I found a person not a member of a traditional group, directed by someone named Master Carlos (Maese Carlos). Without going to defend or attack THAT group of Morelos, or Maese Carlos itself, this person from the group of Maese Carlos made the wisest comment I've heard about Shamanism and Nagualism.

They are two different things. You can recognize the false shaman, trying use mushrooms, and forget their social responsibility. You can recognize the false nagual because dont work and speaks of Nagualism as if it were based on pre-Hispanic peoples when it is based on the will of man. The Nagualism is for those who do not need to pray or being heard.

And I know a lot of new age idiots that confuse the Maya, Toltec, Olmec or natives with a heritage asset shift Mesoamerican when making real culture, generally, are individual men in a given age and place. Debussy and not the French people. Einstein, not speaking German expatriates. Man is the matter.

On the other hand, we know that Castaneda has and had tens of millions of readers. That hundreds of thousands of people know about internet domains. Think a moment. Why I, a Mexican, can bought years ago this domain and other related services in 8 USD when they had so many millions of people who could do it before and they did not?. I go to die in the future, I'm not better than others. Perhaps the others have less will, focus or direction. People who matter are focused on the use of the will, of the attempt. The Nagualism is the triumph of the human will.

I have a debt of gratitude to the deceased Mr Navarro, and while there is life in me, certain things remain alive.

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